Activities to Enjoy!!!

It does not matter if you stay at Eagle’s Nest Guest House or Onverwacht Cottages. If you are our guests you have permission to discover our beautiful -View Points,Trails,Routes,Picnic sites and many many  more!

Relax-discover you inner piece by trying to attend only one or more of the following challenges on our land.



Walking (enjoy landscapes of stunning mountains covering by different species of fynbos through fynbos fields)

Swimming (splash in the natural rock pools and swimming pools and have fun!) A huge swimming pool surrounded by amazing views over the local villages and mountain peaks guarantees great fun during the long warm summers or a hike on one of our trails.



Meditate (choose a spot and make it your own piece of privacy, every viewpoint is a destination on its own.)



Mountain biking (follow the gravel paths and discover many secrets on your adventure!)



Hiking Trails (follow the many foot paths you are surrounded with from the accommodation places and enjoy!)



Stargazing at night (with eyes wide open and heads turning to the sky at night you can enjoy scenic views!)


4x4 Route (a 2 km route to the Waterkloof is a journey with many surprises!)