Circle Route - 2 Seasons Trail


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Our Private Circle Route-The beginning and the end of the trail depends on where you stay for the time of your visit.


Please be cautious all the time while walking, hiking or running!


NB!!!!You discover this treasure on your own risk. All children must be under supervision while hiking and swimming in the rock pools.


Info about the 2 Seasons Trail (Circle Route between Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse and Onverwacht Cottages).


The name 2 Seasons are perfectly chosen because you have many options to hike between Onverwacht Cottages and Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse to discover the beauty of nature when you visit us.


Maps are inside the cottages or the guesthouse. You are welcome to take a map with you on your adventure. Enjoy the beauty of our mountains, trails and rock pools!


You will discover outstanding views from different angles to the nearby towns of the Robertson, Worcester, Ashton, Greyton and Genadendal during your hike in this astounding mountain peaks.


This trail offers outstanding sunset views in the west and sunrise views in the east. Early birds and sundowners guests are in for a surprise!


The Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail is visible in the Greyton direction from the trail.


During your hike you are surrounded by the beautiful Langeberge in the Robertson direction and the massive Riviersonderend Mountains around you.


Look out for our pride!!  Different kinds of fynbos species are all over the fields as you follow the paths.


With each visit you will find that the area has changed, because Fynbos changes with the seasons.  The different protea gardens and spectacular birdlife makes the trail more magical.  If you are lucky you will notice a view bucks in groups. They are tamed. Please don’t scare them.


The Gobos River (flows between McGregor and Greyton) offers several natural rock pools to swim in




Onverwacht Cottages Directions of  Circle Route


When you begin at Onverwacht Cottages side-mostly used by Onverwacht guests


Direction from the front of the 4 Bergtrein Cottages and Bergrosie on Onverwacht Accommodation.


In front of the 4 Berg Trein Huisies and Bergrosie is the sign of the 2 Seasons Trail that leads you all the way downwards the mountain to the Bobbejaans Gat(You can see part of the Bobbejaans Gat (natural rock pool) from the cottages.


Follow this sign “Circle Route” and the footpath downwards. You will come across where the footpath make a split to the left and to the right by turning to the left you will reach the rock pool  Bobbejaansgat (no sign). You can spend time at the rock pool for swimming or just relaxing. When you turn right  in the Greyton direction follow the path along the Gobos river till you see Eagle’s Nest in a distance high up on the mountain. Turn right at the sign to the direction of Eagle’s Nest and follow the footpath to the next sign of Circle Route you came across.


Please!! Do not disturb the Eagle’s Nest guests in the house for directions!!


From Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse you follow the paths and Circle Route signs to Onverwacht Cottages by taking the huge green” Hikers Only Sign” or the Boesmanskloof Onverwacht Cottages signs along the path on the right side of the road. Another option is you can also walk straight on the gravel road (main dirt road) in McGregor direction and turn right when you reach the sign of Onverwacht Cottages and the Old LorryGEDULD”.


Walk till you reach the cottages of Onverwacht Accommodation where you stay




Eagle’s Nest Directions of  Circle Route


When you begin your hike from Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse side-mostly used by Eagle’s Nest guests.


Direction from the wood  deck of Eagle’s Nest


When you stay at Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse follow the footpath downwards to the Gobos River below the house till you reach the sign” Circle Route”. The path split there. One direction to the right is the direction to the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail also named Greyton-McGregor Hike and Oakes Falls.Turn left at the sign Onverwacht Cottages and follow the footpath in the left direction.


Follow the path all along the Gobos River with refreshing water streams connected to each other with plenty of smaller rock pools to enjoy till you see Onverwacht Cottages situated high up in the mountain on your left.


You will reach a split of the footpath(no sign).If you turn right you reach the Bobbejaansgat (not to be missed out, only the idea of attending this trail to the Bobbejaans Gat is an outing on its own. Make time to spend at this breathtaking rock pool. The views of the pool and nature life are so awesome!) and when you turn left the footpath lead you to the bungalows of Onverwacht Accommodation (you can see the cottages from a distance).


Follow the footpath till you reach the Cottages on Onverwacht. You will notice 2 green watertanks at the back of the 4 Bergtrein Cottages and there is a sign “Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail” where the swimming pool of Onverwacht Accommodation is situated. Go past the sign “Boesmanskloofhikingtrail” and the swimming pool and follow the path to the green watertanks.


From these tanks you follow the footpath till you see Eagle’s Nest Accommodation in a distance on the left side of your view and follow the sign to Eagle’s Nest.


Direction before you reach the water tanks on Onverwacht Cottages


Eagle’s Nest guests can also skip the direction at the green water tanks and the sign “Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail” to Eagle’ nest by following the road from the sign “To McGregor” (in the direction that the McGregor Village is stretched out in front of you)in the McGregor direction. Turn left at this sign and follow the path till you reach the old car “GEDULD” and the main dirt road. Turn left and follow the main dirt road till you reach Eagle’s Nest Guest House on the left side of the main dirt road.