Waterkloof Route

Waterkloof is a pristine oasis situated in the heart of the massive Riviersonderend Mountains.  You will find the turn off to the beautiful Waterkloof between the small town McGregor,Western Cape and “The Road to Nowhere” where  Onverwacht Flora Accommodation and Eagle’s Nest Guesthouse are situated.

The gravel road, 1 – 2 grade, stretches for about 2km from the main road to the Kloof and can only be taken on with 4x4 vehicles, by foot or by mountain bike.  At the Waterkloof turn off you will see stretched out mountain ranges and fynbos which are pleasing to the eye.  Beautiful Klipspringers and Grysboks graze peacefully (if it is your lucky day) as long as they are not disturbed.

With the twist of the road when you reach the beautiful Wabome you become aware of the masses white river stones which gives reason to believe that there might be water somewhere.  Thick growth of ferns, reeds and fynbos becomes more and more visible.

It is then when you are suddenly met sneak previews of a stretched out river between the green flora.  Moving nearer, the sound of the flowing water becomes more audible.   Waterkloof’s water comes from a south western direction from fountains and rain water during the rainfall season.  The river flows in a north easterly direction to a reservoir.  It is a constantly flowing river.

The trail ends approximately 50m after the river (shallow enough) has been crossed.  There is enough space on the riverbed to turn back to the main road where the trail started.

If you want to call it quits and return home you can just turn around and follow the trail to the Waterkloof direction board.  However, extending your visit with a nice picnic can be a relaxing option, so remember to bring your picnic basket, chairs, blanket and sun umbrella – it might just come in handy.  For the adventurer in you, there is a nice ±4km walking trail challenge along side the river.  The river reaches far to the left and right of the ravine as far as the eye can see.

Due  to erosion the river bank has been calved away during the years forming natural river pools which dare you to take a swim.  The overhanging mountains are dressed in colours that leaves you speechless. 

The quiet of the Kloof is often deafening.  The only sounds audible, is that of the enthusiastic birds playing between the running river streams, green reeds and high mountain rocks throwing a refreshing shadowy areas.  Fresh water fish such as ...... can be found.  Guest have had successful attempts at catching a forell or two.

No fires are allowed in Waterkloof.  Please leave Waterkloof as pristine as you found it and respect our fauna and flora.

Enjoy your excursion and visit to Onverwacht Flora and Eagle’s Nest.